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ART AND COMMUNITY – Art installation at Studio X

The Aspiration Matrix is an attempt to fuse art and mapping techniques, extracted from Tim Brown's Human Centered Design Concept it builds the desirability quotient of the residents of Dharavi. Collated together are recycled paper tubes, LED and coloured data rings represented on the sector profiles of the Dharavi map which projects the communities' primary aspirations and specific demography. 

A team of PLURAL members and architecture students from Academy of Architecture, Mumbai interacted with almost 250 Dharavi residents to understand and help them to put together their aspirations. The participants came from different parts of Dharavi living in various nagars. Children, housewives, young workers, artists and senior citizens participated in this exercise over a period of five days. This mapping technique is situation based and they were put into a hypothetical situation where they were supposed to imagine three things that they aspire New/Improved/Redeveloped Dharavi to consist. In order to help them prioritize their generic aspiration into a single non- negotiable primary aspiration, they were allowed to select only one aspiration as their primary aspiration. 

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