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Urban Conservation, Landscape and Placemaking

McCluskiegunj, a unique settlement and a century old homeland, is reminiscent of the once flourishing Anglo-Indian community in the 1930s.

Unremembered Landscape


Proposal to World Monument Fund

McCluskiegunj, Jharkhand


4,050 Ha

Site Area


In collaboration with Jharkhand State Tourism Department

It presents an ensemble of collective memories and an invaluable experience of the historical and natural settings.

The program's primary objectives encompass identifying and documenting all cultural components in the region, from people to places and associations. This forms the basis for crafting a narrative, with community engagement and interaction as integral components in capturing the community's shared history and experiences.

In addition, the program aims to establish a resource repository with a value-centric focus, providing essential insights for informed strategic actions. The ultimate goal is to uncover fresh methods of interpreting the region's cultural heritage, strengthening collective identity and community ties.

By achieving these objectives, the program ensures the preservation and promotion of the Anglo-Indian homemaking tradition in McCluskiegunj, securing its legacy for future generations.

Larger goals achieved :

  • Community Participation

  • Cultural Resilience

  • Tangible and Intangible Heritage

  • Landscape Restoration

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