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We are a group of multidisciplinary professionals providing a collaborative approach to Urban Research and Planning.

Plural is a diverse collective of professionals deeply committed to fostering collaborative and innovative approaches in real-life urban projects and people-centric policies. They actively engage in various aspects of the public realm, including master planning and design, urban research and mapping, participatory planning techniques, sustainable design, landscape design, urban conservation, community outreach, public art, and placemaking. Additionally, Plural has initiated numerous research projects, exploring topics such as everyday urban life, informal living spaces, and critical evaluations of planning policies, alongside their active participation in international competitions and exhibitions both in India and abroad. This multifaceted approach reflects their dedication to both research and project implementation in the urban environment.

The competion of Reinventing Dharavi, won by the Plural's team
Elements of Pluralism


Meet The Team

Jasmine Saluja | Plural Co-founder


Jasmine Saluja

Oormi Kapadia | Plural Co-founder

Oormi Kapadia


Jasmine is a founding partner at PLURAL, is an Architect and Urban Designer. She leads an urban design research and policy investigation laboratory. Jasmine's commitment to people-centric urban policies is evident through her leadership in real-world public projects and her role as a TEDx Salon speaker. She presented PLURAL's award-winning Community Land Trust model for Dharavi slum at the UN Habitat conference in Brussels.

With two decades of experience, Jasmine has significantly shaped the urban design narrative and promoted sustainable, resilient, and inclusive cities through her practice and writings. Investigating global policies that shaped London, NewYork, Tokyo, HongKong, Delhi and Mumbai ; she co-authored the book, "6 Metros – Urban Planning and Implementation Compared." 

Since inception, she serves as a visiting faculty for the Masters program in Urban Design at KRVIA, Mumbai, and has been an invited juror to institutions across the country and abroad. She played a pivotal role in establishing the Mumbai Centre of the Institute of Urban Designers-India, she is now a National Council member at IUDI. She holds a Masters degree in Urban Design from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.

Oormi is a founding partner at PLURAL, is an Architect and Urban Designer specialising in sustainability at various scales. She leads the Project and Policy Planning division and is a LEED AP and TERI Griha trainer. Oormi has worked on large scale master planning projects in India and USA. She conducts global research on urban planning institutions and policies, aiming to influence Mumbai's future planning. She's actively engaged in community design and place-making with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai and has spoken at the UN Habitat conference in Brussels. 

She writes on urban issues on various platforms and has co-authored 6 Metros : Urban Planning & Implementation Compared, a two volume publication.

Oormi also serves as a visiting faculty member at various architectural colleges in Mumbai and Goa and holds a Master's degree in Urban Design from the University of Texas at Austin.


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Plural Profile

We specialize in creating urban environments that seamlessly blend design and tradition, prioritizing sustainability, functionality, and aesthetics to enhance the quality of urban life.

Shirish Patel | Urban Planner & Visionary

Shirish Patel

Urban Planner & Visionary

Shirish Patel is a Mumbai based urban planner and civil engineer. One of the three original authors of the idea of Navi Mumbai, he was in charge of the new city’s planning, design and execution for its first five years. He writes and petitions extensively on urban planning policy.

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