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Our vision is to make the city people-centric and inclusive and we aim to achieve it through a multi-faceted approach.

Creating master plans of urban extension areas and new townships, including streets, buildings, open spaces and public amenities along with development regulation guidelines.

Urban Design & Architecture

Involves the systematic organization of land use, infrastructure, transportation, and public services in cities and regions to ensure well-organized and sustainable urban growth.

Urban Planning

Focusing on the preservation of culturally significant buildings, districts, and landscapes, safeguarding a city's historical and architectural heritage through restoration and adaptive reuse.

Urban Conservation

Creating vibrant and communal public spaces, fostering social interaction, and improving the quality of urban environments.

Landscape and Placemaking

Utilizing data-driven insights to develop and evaluate urban policies, including those addressing affordable housing, to promote sustainable and equitable urban development

Policy  & Data Analysis

Championing community-driven policies, including two-tier planning and the need for local area planning, and influencing urban decisions to ensure inclusive and resilient city development.


Providing expert guidance for comprehensive urban transformations that align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and facilitate sustainable and inclusive cities, including local area planning.

Strategic Consulting

Applying user-centric, innovative solutions to address complex urban challenges and enhance the quality of urban life.

Design Thinking

Engaging diverse urban communities using innovative tools like game theory and art installations to ensure their voices shape urban planning and development processes.

Community Outreach

Undertaking in-depth urban research projects, including book writing and publications, to explore vital urban topics and inform evidence-based policy decisions.

Commissioned Research

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We believe transforming cities for the people and the planet is an inclusive process.Through our services, we address the concerns from institutions and individuals, groups from all walks of life. 

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