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We aim to improve the overall quality of life with each project. Our process involves community participation, game theory and placemaking methods to provide people centric design.

Community Participation, Projects

Urban Design and Architecture, Landscape and Placemaking

The precinct design and placemaking initiative highlights the power of community collaboration and creative thinking.

Cuffe Parade Metro Station

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Community Participation, Projects

Landscape and Placemaking, Strategic Consulting

A sea side derelict piece of land was converted into a rejuvenating park. The place now hosts musical Sunday morning fairs with food and pets.

Park for All : S.B.Somani Park

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Community Participation, Projects

Landscape and Placemaking, Design Thinking

Extravagant urban infrastructure oriented towards automobiles leave a lot of spaces and edges that neglect people and are dangerous for women and children.


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Competition, Projects

Affordable Housing, Competition

BDD housing is a landmark pre-independence affordable housing at 3 sites within Island City of Mumbai. These low-rise high-density developments provide a high per capita open space, a rarity in the city.

Bombay Development Department

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Community Participation, Projects

Community Oriented Development, Street design, Urban Infrastructure

Captain Prakash Pethe Marg, a N-S arterial connector separates two polarised communities of Cuffe Parade in South Mumbai, original fishing village in low-rise high-density development along the seaward side and high-income families in high-rise development on the landward side.

Blurring Boundaries

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Community Participation, Projects

Landscape and Placemaking, Community Outreach

The coastal edge of Cuffe Parade suffers from neglect and is encroached and dilapidated at many places. Carved out of the encroachment, the promenade with pedestrian plazas and a viewing deck adds to the planned open space area of Mumbai.

Jivacha Promenade

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Advocacy, Projects

Landscape and Placemaking, Urban Conservation

Creating permanent sidewalk inserts to embed heritage trail clues and mark the traditional axes of Mumbai's original Fort gates achieves several vital objectives.

Where is the Fort ?

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Urban Planning, Advocacy, Policy and Data Analysis

Dharavi has earned its reputation as one of the world's most significant informal communities, demanding a profound reimagination to pave the way for a brighter future.

Dharavi Community Land Trust (DCLT)

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Advocacy, Research & Analysis

Community Outreach, Policy and Data Analysis

The Aspiration Matrix is an attempt to fuse art and mapping techniques, extracted from Tim Brown's Human Centered Design Concept it builds the desirability quotient of the residents of Dharavi.

The Aspiration Matrix

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Community Participation, Projects

Urban Conservation, Landscape and Placemaking

McCluskiegunj, a unique settlement and a century old homeland, is reminiscent of the once flourishing Anglo-Indian community in the 1930s.

Unremembered Landscape

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Research & Analysis, Advocacy, Publications

Policy planning, Research Report

Affordable housing is a critical issue in Mumbai as is in other cities of the World. In today’s real estate market, rental housing is the only sustainable option for affordable housing to the bottom 40% of the population.

Cessed Buildings in Mumbai

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Advocacy, Research and Analysis

Design Thinking, Landscape and Placemaking.

This pilot project proposes the implementation of Green Infrastructure for Local Area Planning in MCGM Ward A, Greater Mumbai. It aims to create a sustainable, resilient, and liveable urban environment through comprehensive green infrastructure solutions.

Green Infrastructure for Local Area Planning:

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We are dedicated to helping people and society at large, and we invite you to join us in making a positive impact. Plural is committed to creating meaningful change through our work.

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