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Landscape and Placemaking, Urban Conservation

Creating permanent sidewalk inserts to embed heritage trail clues and mark the traditional axes of Mumbai's original Fort gates achieves several vital objectives.

Where is the Fort ?



Flora Fountain to Asiatic Library axis.


2 KM

Site Area


MCGM, Ward A

First, it enhances walkability by transforming sidewalks into well-defined paths, encouraging residents and tourists to explore the city's rich heritage. These markers also serve as educational tools, offering insights into the historical significance of the Fort precinct and architectural landmarks. Collaboration with historians, urban designers, and heritage experts ensures accuracy and authenticity, promoting heritage awareness and allowing people to connect with Mumbai's culture.

Additionally, the design prioritizes accessibility, ensuring that markers cater to everyone, including individuals with disabilities, and offers information in multiple languages, accommodating diverse populations and tourists. This initiative balances preserving the past with engaging the present, enriching heritage awareness and ensuring that Mumbai's history remains a vibrant part of its identity. By doing so, it supports the larger goals of walkability, heritage awareness, and safety, contributing to an informed and culturally enriched urban environment.

Larger goals achieved:

• Walkability

• Heritage Awareness

• Accessibility and Inclusivity

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