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Urban Design and Architecture, Landscape and Placemaking

The precinct design and placemaking initiative highlights the power of community collaboration and creative thinking.

Cuffe Parade Metro Station



Cuffe Parade, Colaba: Mumbai


2.25 Ha

Site Area


Association of Colaba Cuffe Parade Residents (ACCPR)

The goal was to seamlessly integrate the station plaza and buildings with the UNESCO-recognized Art Deco Precinct, responding to potential threats to the historic district's integrity. What sets this project apart is its inclusive approach, as diverse community members collectively defined the historical and aesthetic significance of their neighbourhood. Through their efforts, abstract ideas were transformed into a space for everyone to enjoy.

This project involved stakeholders like local and metropolitan governance, transit authorities, and the community, representing a democratic and inclusive approach to infrastructure development. Unlike many top-down projects, this initiative attempted at actively engaging the community, ensuring their voices are heard and their concerns addressed.

This approach is vital because large-scale projects can harm entire neighbourhoods when poorly executed. PLURAL's initiative stands as a model for community-driven, sustainable development, prioritizing the preservation of heritage and the well-being of its residents.

Larger goals achieved :

  • Walkability

  • Increased green cover

  • Active mobility

  • Community participation

  • Placemaking

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We specialize in creating urban environments that seamlessly blend design and tradition, prioritizing sustainability, functionality, and aesthetics to enhance the quality of urban life.

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