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Urban Planning, Advocacy, Policy and Data Analysis

Dharavi has earned its reputation as one of the world's most significant informal communities, demanding a profound reimagination to pave the way for a brighter future.

Dharavi Community Land Trust (DCLT)



Dharavi: Mumbai


210 Ha

Site Area



The International Ideas Competition, known as "Reinventing Dharavi," was conceived with the aim of sparking fresh ideas, concepts, and solutions to facilitate the sustainable integration of various urban functions. These include affordable housing, livelihood opportunities, healthcare and sanitation, recreational facilities, education, urban design, urban planning, social and cultural activities, environmental considerations, governance, and economic development, among others.

This competition fostered the exchange of diverse approaches, both domestically and internationally, along with innovative proposals to enhance Dharavi's existing characteristics and unlock its future potential, all while keeping the needs of its residents in mind.

Plural's proposal for DCLT was the first award-winning model, later presented at the UN Habitat Conference. The model proposes a new policy level intervention to generate affordable housing in perpetuity.

Larger goals achieved:

• Urban Resilience

• Affordable Housing for All

• People centric approach

• New model to de-slum cities

Read the complete proposal here:

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We specialize in creating urban environments that seamlessly blend design and tradition, prioritizing sustainability, functionality, and aesthetics to enhance the quality of urban life.

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