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Policy planning, Research Report

Affordable housing is a critical issue in Mumbai as is in other cities of the World. In today’s real estate market, rental housing is the only sustainable option for affordable housing to the bottom 40% of the population.

Cessed Buildings in Mumbai



Island City Mumbai


Wards A - G

Site Area


Land Research Institute

However, in Mumbai the repercussions of Rent Control still haunt the rental market. This research delves into the details of Cessed buildings that pay a repair tax and are a subset of Rent Control buildings, their history, their current status and their future based on the existing planning policies. 

The research as a conclusion recommends an alternative policy framework that can help release these buildings from Rent Control and at the same time check the gentrification of the Island City, promote rental housing and maintain the heritage fabric of the city.

Larger goals achieved :

  • Rental housing policy

  • Affordable housing for low income families

  • Heritage conservation and restoration

  • Housing voucher system

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