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Landscape and Placemaking, Design Thinking

Extravagant urban infrastructure oriented towards automobiles leave a lot of spaces and edges that neglect people and are dangerous for women and children.



Design stage

Goregaon & Jogeshwari, Mumbai


2.5Ha & 2.65Ha

Site Area


MCGM Tactical Urbanism Campaign

Project Underneath addresses spaces under the flyovers of Mumbai beyond a simple beautification goal. By designing it for specific public uses it bridges the open space and amenities gap for various communities and pedestrians of the precinct while rendering the spaces crime free and safe for the vulnerable population. 

In special cases the project provides the much needed last mile connectivity for the transit lines.

Larger goals achieved :

  • Urban Resilience

  • Social Infrastructure

  • Safety & Security

  • Child friendly spaces

  • Last mile connectivity

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We specialize in creating urban environments that seamlessly blend design and tradition, prioritizing sustainability, functionality, and aesthetics to enhance the quality of urban life.

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