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Community Oriented Development, Street design, Urban Infrastructure

Captain Prakash Pethe Marg, a N-S arterial connector separates two polarised communities of Cuffe Parade in South Mumbai, original fishing village in low-rise high-density development along the seaward side and high-income families in high-rise development on the landward side.

Blurring Boundaries


Completed in 2022

Cuffe Parade, Mumbai


2,250 sq m

Site Area


MCGM, Ward A

The seaward edge of the road was to be designed as an edge that either would separate the two communities or strive to connect them. We proposed a pedestrian realm that blurs the boundaries between the communities stitching them on to the same urban fabric.

The sidewalk design along the seaward side of Capt. Prakash Pethe Marg addresses issues of encroachment, space management for everyday requirements and lends an identity to the Cuffe Parade fishing village. The urban design reflects the heritage character of the precinct.

Larger goals achieved :

  • Walkability

  • Inclusive design

  • Safety

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We specialize in creating urban environments that seamlessly blend design and tradition, prioritizing sustainability, functionality, and aesthetics to enhance the quality of urban life.

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